The Building and Construction industry in Liberia have for the past years experienced growth. Post war Liberia have seen major constructions and new landmarks including the New Airport Terminal and the EJS Ministerial Complex in Monrovia.

Though all these magnificent infrastructure surfacing in Liberia the Liberian Construction sector have been mostly dominated by foreign contractors especially from Asia.

  The need for inclusiveness of local contractors in the building and construction industry in Liberia is long overdue Government and citizens complain of the incompetency of Liberian contractors in the delivery complete functioning projects.

Golden Truss Group a modern construction company fully owned and operated by Liberians is in to change the face of local construction in Liberia. A company born out of the frustration of incompetent implementation of functioning projects and the cry and complains of Liberian diaspora on family squandering funds meant for construction projects.

The company construction implementation process is built on the 3M approach that is an innovative construction Model, the use of ethical sustainable Materials and implemented with highly functional Machinery.

The company gained operational license and is set to start operations later this December in Liberia